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Summer Training : Week 1 – Essential Android Developer by Asga Academy


Interested in learning how to make Android apps? Learn Android programming with our 3-part training course series. Beginner, Intermediate to Android Programming and Advanced Android Programming make it easy and efficient to learn Android development. This Android training course is designed to quickly get you up to speed how to make Android apps for Android devices. This Android development training course will teach you the basis of the Android platform and the application lifecycle. You will be able to write simple GUI applications, use built-in widgets and components, work with the database to store data locally, and much more by the end of this Android training course.


As a result of taking this Android training course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the platforms upon which the Android operating system will run.
  • Create a simple application that runs under the Android operating system.
  • Access and work with the Android file system.
  • Create an application that uses multimedia under the Android operating system.
  • Access and work with databases under the Android operating system.

Target Audience

This course is designed for software developers interested in designing, creating, deploying, and testing applications for the Android™ mobile phone platform. It is valuable to both novices and gurus, who already have experience in developing mobile applications for other platforms.

  • Java/OOP programming is required. The Java prerequisite can be met by either having the equivalent.
  • Java /OOP programming experience or completing Programming in Java 6 with Swing and Servlets.
18 Jun 2012 - 22 Jun 2012
TIEC Premises –Smart Village Building (B5) Cairo- Alexandria Road

About the training provider

Asga Academy was established in 2007, led by expertise in mobile applications development and solutions. Asga’s expert team will walk you through Android tracks from project setup to getting your app ready to use.

Preparations for the workshop in case you will bring your laptop with you
Instructor Bio

Eng. Ahmed Abd-El Nasser Ahmed.

Ahmed Abd-El Nasser Graduated from Faculty of Faculty of Science, Math & computer science, El-Minia University in 2008.

He works as Android mobile applications senior in asgatech Company; Mobile applications and Solutions Software development Company.

He has a big experience in java programming language and android platform; he developed many android projects such as Wj701T Mirroring and localization to the android platform 2.2, Body building application based on android OS, Facebook and twitter integration with Android, Encrypted media project which based on Android OS (VoIP over 3G And Wi-Fi, chat, File Transfer, Gps Tracking), Home Automation project based on Android OS, ….etc.

He is professional user for different IDE tools such as Java Eclipse and Java NetBeans.

Furthermore, He has other different technical skills as he has good knowledge and familiar with other programming languages such as C++, Symbian C++, C#, J2SE, J2ME, Servlets, Jsp, Android application development, Mobile package(GSM-GPRS-UMTS-HSDPA/HSUPA)
Also, He has excellent communication skill allowing him to effectively convey information to individuals or groups of varying education, culture, and experience levels.

Certificate :
After completing the 1 week training you will get a certificate from TIEC that you have completed summer training for 1 week

icon Tip of the week
Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.
Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.
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