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What is TIEC-ISA

TIEC Innovation Ambassador (TIEC-ISA) program is a new initiative developed by TIEC in the quest for fostering the culture of Innovation and Entrepreneurship among Egyptian university students.

The program is a community of university students from all over Egypt who are passionate about ICT Innovation and Entrepreneurship, eager to share their experience with others, and care about helping other students to benefit from TIEC different innovation and entrepreneurship programs directed to potential future innovators and entrepreneurs.

InnovEgypt, Ideation Camps, Ibtiecar, BootUps, Technology Hackathons and business accelerator among many programs that have been developed and implemented by TIEC in order to enable university students and graduates to establish a foundation to build future innovative businesses. Through workshops, seminars and conferences in various parts of Egypt, TIEC-ISA program serves to enrich and enhance students’ leadership and communication skills, personal growth, and professional development while assisting TIEC in realizing its objectives and mandate.

Mission Statement

The mission of “TIEC- Innovation Ambassador Program” is to provide a leadership opportunity for students to develop valuable real-world professional and entrepreneurial skills while serving TIEC in an honorary position to achieve its mission of driving innovation and entrepreneurship in ICT for the benefit of national economy

The mission of “TIEC-ISA” promotes the mission of TIEC through education, coaching, and outreach.


The purpose of the TIEC-ISA program is to increase the effectiveness and the efficiency of TIEC programs and services offered to university students/ graduates. This will be achieved through building a network of empowered, and well trained student leaders who will be able to work with TIEC employees to promote, and facilitate the implementation of different programs and special events throughout the year.

Ambassadors also represent TIEC at different innovation/entrepreneurship activities.

Program Objectives

  • Build a network of active university students that acts as liaisons between TIEC, and universities.
  • Educate the ambassadors about different TIEC programs, services, and activities, and how the students can benefit from them.
  • Raise the awareness among students about the importance of ICT innovation and entrepreneurship, and the role of TIEC through workshops, seminars, and other casual/official events.
  • Facilitate the execution of TIEC programs/services directed to university students/ graduates all over Egypt.
  • Receive feedback from students on the viability and the effectiveness of TIEC program.

Who can Apply

The TIEC-ISA members will be InnovEgypt graduate students , who possess strong leadership, public speaking, and interpersonal skills and will be responsible for promoting, and facilitating the implementation of TIEC programs, events and activities among their campuses, recruiting prospective students, and promoting TIEC-ISA act as valuable sources of information and liaisons between students, university , and TIEC.

Qualifications and Requirements

The selected candidates should be:
  • InnovEgypt program graduate (for students).
  • Passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Thrilled by new technology.
  • Involved and active in university communities.
  • Passionate and active about social media.
  • Able to plan events and understand how to market to your peers.
  • Comfortable speaking in front of large audiences.
  • Demonstrated leadership skills.
  • Excellent communication & presentation skills.
  • Enthusiastic and positive attitude.
To remain an active ambassador, you must attend quarterly scheduled meetings , training sessions, and you should actively participate, and conduct all ambassador responsibilities in a professional manner. The plan of the meetings will be announced later on web site.

TIEC Innovation Ambassador Roles

  • Understand different programs, services and activities offered by TIEC for innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Raise the awareness about TIEC programs, services, and activities and advocate the option for what and how these program may fit.
  • Act as innovation agents at their universities and help the students understand the importance of innovation and the benefits of starting a new business through local events.
  • Facilitate general event management and host responsibilities.
  • Assist in the recruitment of future ambassadors.
  • Represent TIEC in university and community events.

Benefits for Students

Student Ambassadors in general are some of the most visible and well-known students on their campuses. Accordingly this exposure give them the opportunity to develop valuable leadership and communication skills, network with college and community members and leaders, increase self-esteem and goal achievement skills. Other benefits include -but not limited to:
  • Gain a greater understanding of Innovation and Entrepreneurship programs.
  • Enhance personal resume: Include the experience you get in the TIEC-ISA on your resume.
  • Gain access to exclusive events.
  • Potential for TIEC internship.
  • Enhance public speaking, event planning and communication skills and networking skills.
  • Satisfaction in being part of a team that makes a difference in the lives of others.
  • Attend regular workshops -organized by TIEC- to improve their business and technical skills.
  • Gain Recommendations: Upon successful completion of the program, you’ll be eligible for “Letters of recommendation” in appreciation for your services to help in your future job.

How can Apply

  1. First, If you didn't register before in EgyptInnovate platform, please register in EgyptInnovate platform via the following
  2. You will receive an email containing your serial number. Please record and keep it. You will use it in the next step.
  3. Login in and submit (if you do not have an account, create a new one).
  4. Assessment and interview will be done to the selected candidates
Ambassadors & Universties

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