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TIEC Android Mobile Program


The Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) has identified mobile applications development as technology priority due to its high potential for positively impacting the local economy in alignment with the global trend. Recent reports have demonstrated that mobile applications development has been steadily growing, both in terms of revenues and jobs creation. Analysts, in additions, have estimated that Android is the operating system of choice that powers over 1 billion smart phones and tablets. Accordingly, TIEC is launching an Android training program to teach the basis of the Android platform and the application lifecycle.


Providing local ICT SMEs the following:

  • Build their capacities in mobile application development
  • Enhance the competitiveness of their products and services
  • Certify their employees based upon internationally-recognized certification scheme

About Program

TIEC Android training course is designed to quickly get you up to speed how to make Android apps for Android devices. This Android development training course will teach you the basis of the Android platform and the application lifecycle. Candidate will be able to write simple GUI applications, use built-in widgets and components, work with the database to store data locally, and much more by the end of this Android training course.

Program Description

The training program will be divided into 5 rounds, comprising various 20 candidates for each round starting February 2014 for three months.

  1. Training, where each round will consume 8 training days.
  2. International Certification, trainee will be certified as OESF Authorized Certification Engineer for Android”.
Trainees pre-requisites

Java/OOP programming is required. The Java prerequisite can be met by either having the equivalent Java/OOP programming experience or completing Programming in Java 6 at least with Swing and Servlets

Trainees pre-assessment

We will provide and manage pre-exam to keep sure of the candidates’ background and Prerequisites, this pre-assessment due date is from 3 to 5 days before launching the training.

Target Groups
  1. Entrepreneurs groups.
  2. Startups.
  3. Micro firms.
  4. Small Enterprise.
  5. Medium Enterprise.
Who should attend?

This course is designed for software developers interested in designing, creating, deploying, and testing applications for the Android™ mobile phone platform. It is valuable to both novices and gurus, who already have experience in developing mobile applications for other platforms.

Note: Maximum available seats are 2 for each company


Module 1 - Getting started

Key Topics
  • Importance of mobile applications development.
  • Mobile platforms.
  • What is Android and why develop for it?
  • Android SDK features.
  • Android development tools.
  • Setting up development environment.
Lab Activity
  • Making your first application.

Module 2 - Activities, Fragments, and Intents

Key Topics
  • Understanding activities and application manifest file.
  • Activity lifecycle and reconfiguration.
  • Parse XML format.
  • Intent class.
  • Linking activities using intents.
  • Permissions.
  • Fragments.
  • Displaying notifications.
Lab Activity
  • Application about intents and permissions.

Module 3 - Android User Interface

Key Topics
  • Fundamentals and layouts.
  • Understanding the screen components.
  • User navigation (click, touch, drag, etc...).
  • Adapting to display orientation.
  • Utilizing the action bar.
  • Creating the user interface programmatically.
  • Listening for UI notifications.
  • Using basic views, image views, and menus.
  • Displaying pictures and managing drawing areas.
Lab Activity
  • Adding features to the previous application to end with To-Do Manager Application.

Module 4 - Sensors

Key Topics
  • Types.
  • Using sensors and the sensor manager.
  • Monitoring a device’s movement and orientation.
  • Calculating orientation using the accelerometer and magnetic field sensors.
  • Location and maps.
Lab Activity
  • Simple sensor application.

Module 5 - Bluetooth, NFC, Networks, and Wi-Fi

Key Topics
  • Bluetooth communications.
  • Transmitting data using Bluetooth sockets.
  • Managing Wi-Fi and its configurations.
  • Transferring data using Wi-Fi direct.
  • Transferring data between peers.
  • Near field communication.
Lab Activity
  • Application about transmitting data using different ways.

Module 6 - I/O file

Key Topics
  • Access local files.
  • Read local files.
  • Write files.
Lab Activity
  • Application handling files.

Module 7 - Database

Key Topics
  • Introducing Android databases.
  • Working with SQLite.
  • Opening and creating databases.
  • Querying a database, and adding, updating, and removing rows.
  • Using content providers.
  • Using contacts.
  • Using calendar and tasks.
Lab Activity
  • Application handling databases.

Module8 - Networking

Key Topics
  • Consuming web services using HTTP.
  • Consuming JSON services.
  • Sockets programming.
Lab Activity
  • Application about sockets.

Module 9 - Developing Android Services

Key Topics
  • Creating your own services.
  • Binding activities to services.
  • Understanding threading.
Lab Activity
  • Application utilizing services.

Module 10 - Audio and Video

Key Topics
  • Playing audio and video.
  • Controlling media player playback.
  • Responding to the media player controls.
  • Recording sound.
Lab Activity
  • Creating simple mp3 player.

Module 11 - Monetizing, Promoting, and Distributing Applications

Key Topics
  • Package your application for uploading to marketplace.
  • Signing and publishing applications.
  • Distributing applications.
  • Monetizing applications.
  • Application marketing, promotion, and distribution strategies.
  • Analytics and referral tracking.

Module 12 - Android Kit-Kat

Module 13 - Business innovation Model “BiM”

Key Topics
  • modern mobile app monetization.
  • how to find your killer app.
  • how to reach your audience successfully with unique technique in resources utilization, the advantage and disadvantage, strength and weakness points.
  • how you will fund your project and the funding process highlighting the role of financial capitals, governmental support, mobile app budget and breakdowns, and Case Study.

Module 14 - UX

Key Topics
  • UI & usability as competitive advantage, people can pay for usability and better applications.
  • Reducing efforts & cost for developments.
  • UX from the precipitant of sales power.
  • company image VS app UX quality.
  • How to sell UX to others in your organization & Learn tips for promoting UX as a competitive advantage.
  • UX rules per each platforms, the advantage and disadvantage, strength and weakness points, case studies.

Module 15 - Mobile Application Marketing “MAK”

Key Topics
  • Understanding all mobile manufactures portals techniques through most common tools and channels.
  • Starting from how to use your app meta data in raising probability of app success in the targeted portal going to e-marketing activities in order enhance these results more and more.
  • what is mobile apps marketing mix? And how to integrate your app with other effective online and offline channels..

About The Certificate

After, completing the training, there will be an exam with an international certificate from Open Embedded Software Foundation (OESF) Test number: OA0-002

What is “OESF Certified Engineer for Android™” ?

OESF started to provide an official exam to certify your skills and knowledge for Android. Taking this exam allows for acknowledging your own technical capability and knowledge, and to improve engineers’ skills for your company.

Benefits of passing “OESF Certified Engineer for Android™”
    Benefit to the companies:
    • Improving that retention of human capital and technical strength.
    • Establishing fair and objective view of evaluation and assessment system.
    • Confirming result of development of human resources and personnel training.
    Benefits to the engineers:
    • Recognizing own skills objectively and can build their career.
    • Presenting their own skills as an official evaluation.
    Earning the certificate:

    To earn the certificate the following requirements must be met:

    • Attendance is obligatory for the full round.
    • Pass score is 70% of total exam.
    • The exam is consisted of 70 multiple choice questions.
    • The final exam might be taken multiple times in order to earn a passing score but TIEC will only fund the exam once.


Submission is Closed

Success Stories

This program helped a lot of programmers to learn and improve them programming skills in android; within 2013 we have made 8 rounds and the total number of trainees = 127

Company NameCertified
acs-egyptAhmed Abdul ziz Mearag
Salah Emam Salah
Act Egمدحت محمد جمال
سيمون مرقس داود
AKNANAbdelSalam Mohamed El-Shobokshy
ArkdevMichael Farouk
ArmadaAhmed Nabil Shehata
ASCMohamed Nasser
BadrITAhmed Lotfy
Bag Softفادى خفاجى السيد
BarTech EgyptAbelmomen Bauomy
Best Top SystemsIslam Fekry
BFCIMahmoud Sobhy Ali Hassan
Bi TechnologiesAkram Mohamed
ClapsoAhmed Tarek ElGarhy
ComsysAmir Said
Amr Abdel-Latef
Consultix-egyptHassan Mohamed Hassan
Mohamed Hassan Mohamed Ibrahim
CtartupMohamed Reda
Alaa Traek AlShorbagy
ELCCMedhat Hosni Elqadi
Ali El-Shahat
entrepreneurahmed abobakr khalf ali
Mohamed Moselhy AbdElaal
AbdelRahman Mohamed
Wafaa El-Kassas
Taghrid Abd elkahlek Elashkr
Mohamed Abd elkhalek Elashkr
entrepreneureman mohamed hashem isamil
ahlam ismail fathi elgendy
Ahmed Hamdy Ali
Abdullah Samy Mohamed
Mostafa Ibrahim Ragab
Asmaa Said Abdel Kawy
Doha Ehab Attia Ahmed
AlaaEl Bosaty
Salwa Hegazy
Galala El-Genede Ahmed El-Genede Ahmed
Mohamed Madany
Wael Abdul Aziz Mohamed
Dina Ahmed Ahmed Abd Raboo
Ahmed Rashad
Odai Atef Atiya
Mohamed Ali Mohamed
Eye Egypt Ltd.Mohammed Zaki
Mohamed El-Saied Zaky
Fixed SolutionsAbdelRhman Talet Mahmoud
Fixed SolutionsMohamed Aziz
Global GeobitsEhab Said Farhan
Aya Akram El Gendy
GNSEgroupWahid Sayed Anwer
Horizons SoftwareAhmed Hamouda
Horizons SoftwareAhmed Mohamed Shawky
IgroupAhmed Basiouny
Hany Fikry Sakr
IOwnMostafa Mahmoud Mahmoud Ahmed
IPMagixMustafa Gamal Mustafa
ISGMohammad Khaled Abouseif
Eman Abd ElMageed Mohamed Abd ElMageed
IT-BlocksMohamed Samir Abdel Bary
IT-BlocksMohamed Nabawy
ITIDAAzza Kamal Nabih Hanafi
Osama AbdelKader Yousif Gamal El Din
Ahmed Gamal
ITSANSDina Salah-El-Deen
Karim Khaled Mohamed
KashefMohamed Gouda
logistic solutionsAliaa Atef
Master LinuxMohamed Hossam Mohamed
MCITEzzat Ateya Abd El-Jalil Hussien Eissa
Akram Mohamed
Ahmed Samir Gomaa
Mohamed Hamed Abd El-Reheem
Mohamed Mahmoud Mansour
Gamal Salah El-din
Mohamed Nabil Ahmed
MCITMohamed Mahmoud
Hesham Mohamed Maged
Ayman Taha
Mohamed Fathy El Deeb
Samir Gebreel Mohamed
Mohammad Ahmed El Banna
Mohamed Fathy El Deeb
Ahmed Mohamed A.Sleem
Ahmed Samir Hassan
Fatma Ezzahraa Gamal
Mohamed Fathy Mohamed
Ahmed Ramadan Fekry
MegaForasAmr Mahmoud Ezzat
MH SitesMohamed ElBahrawy
Wafaa Osman
MinimaxMohamed Mostafa Sanad El refaie
Mohamed Mohamed El said El gohary
Neit EgyptKhaled Mostafa Sayed Badawy
New SoftSamir Ahmed Mohammed
OtlobdoctorAmr Ahmed Esam AbdelKader
Perfect Project ComputerKhaled El Tabei
Abd ElRahman Fathy Drwish
Pro-LabMohamed Abdel Monem
Abdel Hameid Aly
RazytechKyrellous Shereif Zaghlol
RazytechEslam Shaban Gaber
RobovicsMohamed Morsy
RobovicsEhab El-Shiekh
ShoraIbrahim Amin Ibrahim Hussein
ShoraIslam fahiem mousa alelemy habib
Sico Electronicsmohamed ahmed abd elazim
Smart Tech. SystemTamer El Sayed Radi
Hala Atef Abdel Moneim
SpectraflareAhmed Mahmoud Khalil
SpectraflareMohamed Ahmed el-Badawy
TawgeehMohamed Gamal Mohamed Hamed
Tea ComputerAhmed Abd ElMonem Azab
TIEShady Selim
Omar Osama Allam
TIECMohamed Kamel
Amr Barakat
Zas SoftAyman AbouSehly
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