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The Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) has identified cloud computing as technology priority due to its high potential for positively impacting the local economy in alignment with the global trend. Cloud computing is essentially the next phase of innovation and adoption of a platform for computing, networking, and storage technologies designed to provide rapid time-to-market and drastic cost reduction. So, TIEC launches a cloud computing training program. TIEC cloud computing program is a neutral curriculum designed for business owners and technical professionals who want to bolster their knowledge of the Cloud Computing. By completing the training and sitting for a final online exam, professionals can earn international certificate demonstrating their command of the most important topics in Cloud Computing.

TIEC Cloud-Lab

TIEC cloud-lab will provide:

  • Training Service: running training programs, awareness sessions, and workshops about cloud computing and its impact in the IT industry and in the business.
  • Consultation& Support Service: introducing advices to the consumer to solve technical problem.
  • Pushing Open Cloud market in Egypt.
  • Spreading awareness of cloud computing technology.
  • Developing capacity building for the potential ICT firms.
  • Building a hub for cloud computing expertise in the Egyptian ICT community.

About Program

The training program will be conducted in total of eight rounds, with one round starting every 2 weeks starting January 2014 for four months. The phases of every round are 3 phases as mentioned below:

  1. Training, where each round will consume 8 training days.
  2. TIEC support and consultancy, which will be established on TIEC cloud lab. The duration of this phase is 5 working days, where the consumer will gain benefits from TIEC third parties.
  3. International Certification , where the consumer will be certified from Cloud Credential Council.

After, completing the training, there will be an exam with an international certificate from Cloud Credential Council. The certificate must be taken within TIEC support and consultancy phase.


The program participants will gain business oriented training in cloud computing; in addition, they will get hands-on technical training covering mainly: fundamentals of cloud computing, how to migrate your business to cloud, business impact of moving to cloud, and different cloud service providers.

Targeted Groups
  1. Entrepreneurs groups
  2. Startups
  3. Micro firms
  4. Small Enterprise
  5. Medium Enterprise
Who should attend?

Any IT candidate from the specified targeted group, who seek to exploit the benefits of cloud computing technologies, including assessing the architectures, components, operation and tools of cloud computing.

Note: Maximum available seats are 2 for each company


The training provides theoretical knowledge and hand-on skill set, for OpenCloud/OpenStack, required by Business owners and technical professional whom business is in the IT field to understand, analyze and estimate the overall benefits and outcome of Cloud Computing technology as a replacement to the dedicated hardware hosting solution.

1- Cloud Computing Fundamentals


Identify what Cloud Computing is, why being used and its different deployment and delivery models.

Key Topics
  • Why Cloud
  • Understanding Cloud Computing.
  • Fundamental Concepts and Models.
  • Cloud enabled technology.
  • Virtualization Overview and concepts.
Learning Objectives
  • Explain the Cloud Computing fundamentals and importance to business.
  • Explain Virtualization technology.
  • Relates the differing options available when capacity planning in light of a given scenario.
  • Analyzes the administration issues of migration to the cloud.
Lab Activity
  • Describe the architecture of an OpenStack Compute.
  • Cloud deployment.
  • Define the key features of OpenStack Compute.

2- Fundamental Cloud Security


Give a high level overview of the Cloud computing security mechanisms: authentication and authorization.

Key Topics
  • Basic Terms and Concepts.
  • Threat Agents.
  • Cloud Security Threats.
  • Additional Considerations.
  • Case Study Example.
Learning Objectives
  • Shows the big picture of OpenStack Cloud Computing from high level prospective. Teach how to deploy and customize Horizon Dashboard.
Lab Activity
  • Describe the architecture of an OpenStack Compute.
  • Identify suitable use-cases for OpenStack Compute.
  • Deploy an OpenStack Compute multi-server environment.

3- Working with cloud


Analyze the delivery consideration, cost metrics, and Service Level agreement of a cloud.

Key Topics
  • Cloud Delivery Model Considerations
  • Cost Metrics and Pricing Models
  • Service Quality Metrics and SLAs
Learning Objectives
  • Help managers to take the right decision in regards to pricing, and SLAs prior to deployment and provisioning Cloud.
Lab Activity
  • Implement and use OpenStack Image Service, OpenStack Identity, and OpenStack Dashboard services.
  • Create and manage images and instances.
  • Create and manage roles, users, and quotas.

4- The Economics of Cloud Computing


Spot the light on the practical use of Cloud Computing in real life and the cost effectiveness of deploying it in Business

Key Topics
  • Business Value Measurements
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Software Licensing: SaaS
  • Cloud Computing as an Economic Enabler
  • Cloud Computing and Unemployment
  • Cloud Computing and the Environment
  • The Economic Future of Cloud Computing
Learning Objectives
  • Analyze Cloud Computing from an Economical and Business point of view.
Lab Activity
  • Understand critical components of fault tolerance and scale.
  • Troubleshoot common issues in an OpenStack Compute environment.

5- Cloud Computing for Business


Give the technical professional good vision of how Cloud could affect the business and analyze what factors to be considered mainly deploy plan and risk consideration

Key Topics
  • Establishing your cloud vision
  • Buying Cloud Services
  • Understanding Cloud Risks
  • Building Return on Investment from Cloud Computing
Lab Activity
  • Troubleshoot common issues in an OpenStack Compute environment.
  • Find additional OpenStack help and support resources.

About The Certificate

What is The CCC Cloud Technology Associate certificate?

CCC Cloud Technology Associate certificate demonstrates that candidates have the basic skill set and knowledge associated with cloud and virtualization. The certification is a critical step to advance your career as organizations look for qualified Cloud Technology Associates.

Benefits of The CCC Cloud Technology Associate Certification™
  • The CCC Cloud Technology Associate™ certification is the first building block for an IT professional looking to get familiar with cloud concepts, and is an excellent Segway into vendor-specific cloud training and certification programs

  • Certification adds value to the career development of IT professionals as the Cloud Technology Associate certification is globally recognized

  • Provides relevant competences for IT professionals to work in a modern, innovative IT organization

  • Helps the IT professional to advance his or her career in the cloud and virtualization domain
Earning Your Certificate

To earn the CCC cloud associate Certificate, professionals have to demonstrate their command of the most important topics in Cloud Computing. Proficiency in Cloud Computing fundamentals is measured by:

  • Successful attendance for 8 training days.

  • Successful completion of a 40 question exam, which consists of 20 theoretical questions and 20 lab questions. A minimum passing score of 65% must be achieved to receive the Certificate.

  • The final exam may be taken multiple times in order to earn a passing score. But, TIEC will only fund once the exam for participants.


Submission is Closed

Success Stories

This program helped a Business owners and technical professional whom business is in the IT field to understand, analyze and estimate the overall benefits and outcome of Cloud Computing technology; within 2013 we have made 6 rounds and the total number of trainees = 86 over (companies and entrepreneur).

Company NameCertified
acs-egyptAhmed Abdul Aziz Mearag
Salah Emam
alzwadAhmed Hashem
armada-techAyman Yousef
basseetAhmed Hassan Abdel-fattah Daif
Ahmed Mohammed Tolba
brilliancetechMohamed Bakry
Mahmoud Diab
cibegSherif Ali Mahmoud Hammouda
clapsoAhmed Tarek Elgarhy
Hala Ismail Ibrahim
code95Sherif Sayed Zaki
Abubaker Mohamed Ramadan
compexitRadwa Ghazy
compuscopeAshraf Ali Ahmed Mahmoud
crystal-mindsAhmed Abd El Monsif
developmatixAhmed Shalaby
diagnosoftEmad Roshdy Abd El-Sayed Khalil
egisgMohamed Ahmed Abdulhady
entrepreneurRabab Malek Abdel Hamid Kaheel
Sammer Kamil Fam
Doaa Adel Mansour Abdulsalam
Abdo Farouk
Taher Elhossin
Ashraf Amin
Amr Abd ElNaser
Mahmoud Mohamed Abdallah
Samir Ahmed Mohammed
Ahmed Rashad
Sherif El-Khoriby
Amr El Sheikh
Mohamed Magdy Abd El-Hamid
Haytham Ali Mahmud Ali Mohamed
Ahmed Gad Al-Karim Osman
Inas Mohammed Sobhy
Mohamed Ali Mohamed
Mahmoud Farouk Mahmoud Salem
Mohamed Adel Omer Hamada
Rehab Nashaat Ahmad El Badawi
Kareem Osama Mohamed Nour
Mohammed Sadek
Mohammed SadekAbdulazim Ghoniem
Mohamed Elsayed Mohamed
Mohamed Abdelrazek Attia Shams
Hussien Mahgoub
Aya Akram El.Gindy
Sameh Moselhi
AbdelLateef El Sayed
Ahmed Mohab Mahmoud Mourad
Mohamed Rashad
Mohamed Abu Basha
Ahmed Farag Seddik
Doaa Mohammad Shawky
Mahmoud Sobhy Ali Hassan
Moataz onsy
Ayman Senossy
eskyitMohamed Mohab El Shorbagy
fbitechDina Mohamed Daftedar
fekrasoftIbrahim Mostafa El-sheshtawy
ferrycodeMohamed Medany
gmxTamer Abu Shady
issholdingMohamed Talaat Farrag
Adel Nathan
masterlinuxHossam Abdelaziz Khattab
neitegyptNancy Essam Mohamed Hassan
nile-itRola Motawie
nt-meSameh Sewilam
Mahmoud Helal
ofis-softAhmed Mohamed Galal Mohamed
orchtechAhmed Basiouny
Maha Hatem Morsy
otlobdoctorAmr Ahmed Essam
SECCAhmed Gamal-Eldin
sis-developmentAhmed Rabie Ellithy
ssegyptHossam Mohamed AbdelAzez
Ibrahim Mohamed Abo Alhajjaj
tabssoftAhmed Ibrahim
tawgeehBahaa Mohamed El Tomn
teacomputersHesham Mohamed Fawzy
Mostafa Tarek
TIECAsmaa Ibrahim
Mohamed Kamel
Amr Barakat
vetsoftKhaled Ahmed Salem
youxelAhmed Mohamed Sayed Kamel
Mohamed Isamil Biyaly

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