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The Incubation Department offers a fully fledge incubation package to startups in the ICT sectors. Teams and startups can apply to TIEC's incubation at any time during the year. Every three months, submitted applications are evaluated and an invitation for pitching is sent to the preliminary accepted teams. The teams who pass the pitching are incubated at one of TIEC's incubation centers for one year.

  • Increase awareness towards entrepreneurship within the ICT domain.
  • Qualify candidates of potential for Incubation.
  • Deploy a fully fledged incubation program.
  • Build a large mentors community.
  • Develop a local, regional & international network of stakeholders to support the program.
Services Offerings:

The duration of TIEC's incubation is one year and the incubation package consists of the following:

  • Up to 120K EGP of in-kind services such as consultancy services, software, hardware and marketing.
  • A working space with basic furniture and Internet Access.
  • Basic hardware and software tools during incubation time.
  • Access to technical, subject-matter advisory, business consulting and mentoring.

start IT Business Plan competition logo

Start IT Business Plan Competition

Start IT is a nationwide business plan competition targeting entrepreneurs with ICT-related prototypes/ proof of concept who are willing to turn their ideas into actual enterprises. Winners will be offered a unique opportunity to have their ideas incubated at one of TIEC’s network of incubation centers among other benefits.
Now you can apply to start IT Business Plan competition any time during the year. However submitted applications and business plans are evaluated quarterly Apply Now

Virtual StartIT

TIEC Virtual Incubation program

TIEC Virtual Incubation program has been launched to expand its services to all Egyptian governorates. Now TIEC’s services can reach you anywhere through its Virtual Incubation Program (Incubation Without Walls). Apply Now

Virtual StartIT

Coworking Space

TIEC is offering a free working and exchange space where technology entrepreneurs, investors, and techstars can meet, work, learn and collaborate.

Virtual StartIT

StartIT with Etisalat

Start IT with Etisalat is an initiative brought by TIEC and Etisalat to support the Egyptian youth having a new startup of less than 1 year or willing to build their own startup in turning their ideas into successful enterprises.
The initiative focuses on products related to Internet of Things (IOT) or Big Data.

Currently Incubated
  • Cairo
    Faggala is an online marketplace specialized in stationary books. provides a wide variety of products that fit the needs of school students, university students, art students and companies with a smooth convenient shopping experience. social value is enriching the Egyptian economy through connecting small merchants to the internet and enabling them to increase the sales efficiently.

  • Cairo

    Mermaid is a platform that connects cleaners with their potential customers. Simply, a customer would let them know their home details, date and time they want a Mermaid to show up. And a professional, background checked cleaner, will give their home the best service it needs. They provide their services to households only. Mermaid's mission is to provide their customer with all residential cleaning services in an efficient sound, completely trustworthy, and professional manner.

  • Cairo

    QuaNode is Web tool that enables enterprises and individuals to generate coding free
    software without a technical background. The engine generates your backend on a drag-and-drop canvas and allows you to easily integrate the created backend with your frontend. It gives you the flexibility and freedom of owning source code, downloading it and using it. It is your code.

  • Cairo

    Talabino is a mobile and web application for delivery/pickup service. Talabino provides a reliable and satisfactory pickup and delivery services for daily needed products by connecting the three parties (Business owner, Customer and Driver/Pickup Agent)

  • Cairo

    Wiro is specialized in wireless power transmission fields. Their first target is to create a wireless device that could charge any type of smartphone. Their competitive edges are in compatibility, custom designs and multi-output devices.

  • Cairo
    Drug CATcher

    Drug CATcher provides pharmacies with tools and services to save their resources, increase profits and enhance performance. It provides its first service as an online marketplace for pharmacies that need to reallocate their stagnant products (by time these products become inactive money over the counter and get nearer to the expiry date). Pharmacies will offer these products on the market with a price better than price discounts available in the market (to reduce the money loss because of expired products), while other pharmacies which have good demand for these products will request them (increase profits).

  • Cairo

    Elephas Store is a virtual reality platform where you can display everything on a real ground map. Users turn on their GPS, go for a walk & explore the world searching for Elephas Coins and discounted vouchers. They are encouraging users to go for a journey and discover new places, restaurants, brands, shops & tourism agencies. Elephas coins are collected in an e-wallet to be redeemed by free coupons of various brands through the Elephas shop.

  • Cairo

    E-Rezk is an e-commerce mobile app builder that makes it easy for people with no technical background to create an e-commerce mobile app.

  • Virtual

    Hommect is a community that provides the easiest way for homeowners to find all what they need for their home design starting from design inspiration, project advice, and finding the right professional to help them turn ideas into reality. They aspire to make the home designing process in Egypt and the Middle East an easy and efficient one. Also to offer the opportunity for designers to showcase their work ,get job offers and collaborate with their clients

  • Cairo

    Otmost is a cashless solution to reinvent the way businesses used to do transactions. Otmost is designed particularly for B2B transactions, where businesses can sell their unused (not utilized) capacity in exchange for Mosto's (Pseudo-currency). So they can buy and sell any business service on the platform as long as they have enough Mosto's in their accounts.

  • Cairo
    Tazcara is a bus operating system platform allowing travelers to search and book their bus tickets and pay online. It also helps bus operators to increases sales by integrating with travel agencies, unions and government institutions.

  • Cairo

    WiFarm is using Internet based smart sensing platform that can make work much efficient and fast in poultry farm management. If the temperature crosses threshold value, the designed system will automatically control that particular parameter by turning ON the heater and warns the person by sending alert to API through Wi-Fi which will pass it to the application.

    Also it enables the owner of the poultry farm to remotely monitor and get information about each parameter like temperature, humidity, ammonia by the developed system with the help of the Internet.

  • Cairo aims to close the gap between photography professionals and clients through providing both with a comprehensive platform where photographers can showcase their work, add their rates & packages, manage their schedules, accept bookings & receive payments.

    While clients can easily hire the right photographer through browsing by the photographers’ category, location, availability date & name, or by simply browsing through the different portfolios, while checking other clients’ reviews, communicating with, booking & paying the photographer easily & safely.

  • Assuit

    Salfny is a peer to peer rental Web-based and Mobile-based marketplace enabling individuals to rent anything from and to each other. Their vision is to create the finest platform for individuals to rent stuff they don’t use and borrow something else from others. Each user will have a profile that contains every information about him including his location, age, gender, users' reviews, Etc…


    After each transaction (rent transaction) the user who borrows an item must make a review assessing the service, by this way they will build a community of trusted users.

  • Cairo

    Handaz is a startup company that offers products and services in the construction industry. Handaz’s first two products are Handaz CAD2BIM and Handaz Visual Facility Management.

    Handaz CAD2BIM a web based application that converts 2D CAD drawings to 3D BIM (Building Information Model).
    Handaz Visual Facility Management, a web-based application that manages facilities in a visual 3D BIM environment.

  • SohbaApp

    Cloud Platform and Mobile App for the safety communications of pilgrims and the travel agencies.
    It is a location-aware communication platform between the tour guides, the bus drivers, the pilgrims and their families.

  • Assiut

    An Online Platform system, which helps Halls and Center's Holders to manage and control their Reserved Appointments and save time and effort consumed by customers to reserve their meetings and conferences.

  • Assiut
    Egypt Tour Guide

    A user-friendly mobile application which will help tourists in general find best locations and provide them with reliable information regarding how to deal with people and where to buy what they need as well as it will accessible in different languages to reach different audiences.

  • Cairo

    3roodk is a mobile application that helps merchants promoting their offers for a big number of consumers in just seconds, they also help consumers to easily get all information about the nearby offers.

  • Assuit

    Tuğçe is a child tracker device. It contains two hardware pieces, one with the parents and works as the observer and the other one is with the child. The product attempts to predict/detect child kidnapping.

  • Cairo

    WideBot is a Bot Framework Creator that allows anyone to create, modify and execute automated command based bots to do a wide verity of tasks.

    What is bot? A bot is a form of artificial intelligence software that can talk with humans to answer questions.

  • /Backend/Startups_Logos/El-Faggala-Logo.jpg
  • /Backend/Startups_Logos/Mermail-Logo2.jpg
  • /Backend/Startups_Logos/QuaNode-Logo.jpg
  • /Backend/Startups_Logos/talabino-Logo.jpg
  • /Backend/Startups_Logos/Wiro-logo.jpg
  • /Backend/Startups_Logos/Drugcher-logo.jpg
  • /Backend/Startups_Logos/elephas_logo.jpg
  • /Backend/Startups_Logos/E-Rezk-logo.jpg
  • /Backend/Startups_Logos/Hommect-logo.jpg
  • /Backend/Startups_Logos/atmost-logo.jpg
  • /Backend/Startups_Logos/tazcara-logo.jpg
  • /Backend/Startups_Logos/wifarm.png
  • /Backend/Startups_Logos/moswar_logo.jpg
  • /Backend/Startups_Logos/salfnyLogo.jpg
  • /Backend/Startups_Logos/Handaz-Logo.jpg
  • /Backend/Startups_Logos/Sohba_logo.png
  • /Backend/Startups_Logos/Ereserve-Logo.jpg
  • /Backend/Startups_Logos/Tour-Guide-Logo.jpg
  • /Backend/Startups_Logos/3roodk-logo.jpg
  • /Backend/Startups_Logos/Tugce-Logo.jpg
  • /Backend/Startups_Logos/widebot.jpg
Incubation Graduates
  • Cairo

    Kotobna is the first self-publishing platform in Egypt and Arab World.
    Via website and mobile app for smart phones and tablets, Kotobna allows young Arab authors to publish, promote and monetize e-version of their books. Kotobna features hundreds of book titles ranged from Novels, Short Stories Collections, Comics, Poem Collections, Art Books and more.
    Kotobna recently won first place at MIT competition in Kuwait, the largest contest for startups in Middle east.

  • Cairo

    Shaghaf’s goal is to fight the stress associated with
         the educational system in Egyptian and Arab households by
         transforming the school curriculum to engaging digital
         stories and games that students at this age enjoy reading
         and playing, to increase the positive association between
         learning and fun. 

          Our products not only relieve the stress, but also
         inspire students and help them discover their strengths to
         be able to decide their future better.

          Shaghaf won the UNDP "Games for Development" competition
         as a result visiting MIT, Harvard and joining the
         educational gaming community in Boston.


  • Cairo

    Torgoman: is a solution to help deaf people in the Arab world to navigate the Internet, read books, communicate through social networks by translating the Arabic content even in modern standard Arabic (MSA) or Dialectal Arabic- into Arabic Sign Language on a 3D Character (avatar) to help the deaf understand the Arabic content. It is worth mentioning that studies show that 95% of deaf in the Arabic region are illiterate (12-20 millions) who suffer from their inability to join the society in a normal manner because of illiteracy.

  • Cairo
    Radical Play

    Radical Play offers a multiplatform online games. Their first game will be War of Worlds, which is a massively played multiplayer web and application based online game.
    Developed on HTML-5, it is intended to run on platforms simultaneously.
    War of Worlds is a war strategy based game inspired by the mega hit game Clash of Clans, with added and improved functionality and features

  • Cairo

    The need for a better understanding of materials and its processing is of a great concern for both the industry and academic sectors as well as for the nation in general.

    TESRA plans to develop a Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software that analyze material on their different scales (e.g. nano, meso, micro and macro). Furthermore, the company will provide consulting services utilizing its unique products.

  • Cairo
    Crowd analyzer

    Crowd analyzer, is a tool that helps companies and agencies to monitor the crowd on the social web.

    The Solution collects, analyzes and presents people’s opinions about products, campaigns, brands, events and news.

    Their innovation comes from the ability to automatically understands Arabic text in terms of relevance, dialect and sentiment, as well as how it tailors the dashboard automatically for different business purposes.

    Crowd Analyzer provides a window to historical data so that companies can capture and analyze people’s opinions in the past.

  • Cairo

    Cor, is a Smart Phone App with a web server to collect all mobile signal measurements, and share it online on Google Maps for outdoor and indoor coverage including all buildings.

    The App is an invention in the Big Data Statistics in the mobile communication industry including mobile operators, mobile network vendors, telecom regulators and market researcher agencies based on regions.

    COR is a new social community for sharing network QoS worldwide.

  • Cairo

    Elshahbander , is a web-based platform that connects all the textile industry stakeholders in Egypt and help them find all what they need. As the textile sector plays an extreme central role in the Egyptian economy with a limited access to an informative hub or network to connect all parties in the industry, Elshahbandar platform is the focal point of contact between all parties in the textile industry in Egypt and an access gate to the international markets.

  • Cairo

    Hendaam, Hendaam is a website that offers fashion styling services in Egypt and the MENA Region.

    Despite the booming Shopping market in the MENA Region, Shopping Experience is still shaping a hustle for customers who find it difficult and time consuming to follow up the latest fashion trends and find their style of interest easily.

    Hendaam stands out to end up this user experience gap through assisting their customers to get the right outfit that matches their desires and the latest fashion trends easily and conveniently by providing hand-selected clothes package picked by professional fashion stylists where customers can fit their clothes in the comfort of their homes.

  • Cairo

    Raye7 , Raye7 is culturally sensitive ride-sharing application; it’s an automated real-time community based ridesharing platform, where users rideshare only with their trusted network; that's organized into closed communities, like companies and universities.

    The platform automatically matches users with their mates on real time bases as it already knows where they live & work, knows their location and knows their friends and colleagues from their Facebook & LinkedIn profiles .

  • Cairo
    Omash is the first e-commerce website in Egypt to offer fabric collection online with delivery service directly to the client.
    They offer a completely different shopping experience to the clients whom are tired of visiting the fabric stores located at inconvenient places.

    The textiles industry has a huge gap in this area, which is making the online fabric shopping convenient and allowing clients to have their favorite fabric delivered to them. has both wholesale and retail sections which broadens their targeted customers from individual users to fashion designers, tailors and small garment factories.

  • Cairo

    Shezlong, Shezlong is a social startup working on mental health and psychotherapy.
    Shezlong provides an effective online platform for anyone who needs to communicate with professional and licensed therapists with full guarantee of privacy and anonymity.

    It stands this concept according to international studies which proved the effectiveness of online psychotherapy vs. face to face...

  • Assuit

    Amgad, Amgad is a startup working on a smart control system which allows the electrical company to control electrical meters at homes.

    It provides remote control at electric meters.
    The new smart meters go a step further than simple AMR (automatic meter reading), as it offers additional functionality including a real-time, power outage notification, and power quality monitoring.

    it allows price-setting agencies to introduce different prices for consumption based on the time of the day and the season.

  • Cairo

    Vidmy is an online service that enables anyone to create a video website and embed videos from Youtube and other sources.

    The user can create his website in minutes without any technical background. Currently, the product is online and in the Beta version, we have customers from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Thailand and Dubai.

    Vidmy made it much more easier for users to find subject matter expert, discover videos from YouTube and pick up the best quality videos related to a specific subject, and put this collection of videos in one place to be available for anyone searching for videos related to such subject.

    The project won the prize of the best prospect for internationalization in Euromed 2014.

    Green Light

    Green Light, Solar street lighting system that combines solar energy with power saving technologies to cut down power costs and ensure well lit and safe streets for driving.

    Whilst saving up on unused power, the system may use this to supply other loads in parallel.

    The Founder graduated from Cairo University with a bachelors in Electrical Engineering and Communications.
    He worked in different lighting system industries and specialized in street lighting systems in Saudi Arabia for two years before returning to Egypt and starting up his own project.

    Its Target audience are private compounds both residential and business oriented to ensure security and clean usage of the system, as well as assuring minimum decent maintenance.

    The Competitive advantage of having a specialized stand-alone system that could function anywhere, that saves up energy in the day and helps the country's economy.

    This system works on a bank of batteries which facilitates control over the amount of energy being used at different times of the day.


    FluoraPin, FluoraPin is a startup working on augmented reality application that brings the virtual world to the live scene.

    You are going to pin your favorite store apps, music, videos, documents and whatever links you want.

    Just add your fingerprint and let people see you.
    All of these features and more are included in an intuitive and smart phone application.


    TripTab, Your perfect trip organized by a click of a button! Triptab is a web/mobile application that will facilitate your vacation plans through a platform that associates travelers with travel agencies and booking services all around Egypt. Triptab has included unprecedented features in their system like safety assurances, exclusive memberships, and a personal profile that will provide you with the best offers made for you, amongst a list of many.

    The Founders of Triptab were initially travel agents who decided to branch out with their own project that will soon be used across the globe.

    TripTab's target audience start from travelers within Egypt and will soon expand towards travelers around the world who seek an easy and quick way to have their whole trip planned and ready in one place.

    Their competitive advantage is having the first system worldwide that commutes between offline travel agencies and online booking services with users.

    This facilitates the process for them as well as enhancing their booking experiences to a whole new level through various features.
    Users will have a personalized profile that will soon recognize their preferences and present them with special offers tailored specifically for them.

  • Assuit
    Agri - Technology

    Agri - Technology, is a software, web and a mobile application for developing and increasing the agriculture production by analyzing soil, water and the climate data.

    Arfny Shokran

    Arfny Shokran , is a knowledge encyclopedia published with Arabic language on the internet.

    It supports Arabian internet users by 150000 rich articles in various 18 main categories like cars, computers, relationship, food, etc.

  • Cairo
    We all get sick and go through a hassle to reach a good doctor, only to wait for hours in the clinic, possibly to end up leaving without even seeing the doctor!

    This is why Otlob Dr is coming to the rescue.

    OtlobDr is a new launching website that will incorporate a wide database of doctors and nurses, rated, reviewed, and available for home visits at your demands. It is the new medical hub for all doctors in Egypt.
    A website where you can search for qualified doctors, book an appointment or even request home visits from the doctors or nurses needed.

    Founder Dr. Ashraf Fiky graduated General Surgery from 6th October university in 2006. He specialized in plastic surgery and is currently doing his masters in Clinical Nutrition. The idea of this project generated from a personal experience to locate doctors around Egypt and make them available to the average Egyptian.

    Otlob Dr. targets all patients that have difficulty in reaching doctors whether to make reservations or to find qualified doctors.

    Their competitive advantage is having your doctors come to your door step, free of charge. No more going to hospitals and waiting in line for hours only to find a poorly qualified doctor that doesn’t help the patient. In the future, OtlobDr plans to insert online medicine ordering , insurance and discounts, and Facetime checkups for general inquiries.

    All of which are new services in the region and worldwide.


    ShouraTheme, ShouraTheme is a new website launched to provide users and designers the opportunity to buy and upload themes designed in Arabic, aside from the common English-based themes websites.

    The Founder is a communication engineering graduate who worked for a while within his field then branched out as he became the project manager in a Software House. From there generateed the idea of starting up an Arabic-based themes website as customers faced many difficulties while changing English templates into Arabic.

    The target audience of ShouraTheme vary between the local Arabic web designers that haven’t had their chance to upload and sell their themes, and end users that look for Arabic templates for their different usages.

    The competitive advantage here is having the first Arabic-based theme website enabling users to have authentic, as well as modern designs in Arabic preventing them the difficulties of turning English themes into Arabic.


    LifeSource, Egypt pays around 1.50EGP per litre of water consumed, which adds up to a much bigger amount than what people actually pay for their water consumptions.

    In an attempt to help the economy of the country, LifeSource came up with a Smart Water System to help lowering water consumption.

    It's a system that enables customers to monitor their domestic water usage, and informs them with the price of the amounts consumed.
    This product has several features added such as safety assurances, alarms for unused water flows, and tips to economize water consumption.

    As communication electronics engineers, the founders began this project as part of their thesis done in Helwan University in 2013.
    They entered several competitions such as Ibtekar, Shaghal, and Nahdet ElMahrousa which helped in raising considerable funds to startup their product.

    LifeSource is one of the first companies that came up with a fully featured system to enhance our daily water usage whether at home or at any facility.

    Their target audience are water supply companies around the Arab region, mostly of which are connected to the government.
    LifeSource aims to be the number one specialized company for smart water systems.


    QEYE , Tired of the poor quality of inspection over the products you buy?

    Trying to make sure there are no damages in the product before purchase? Think no more!

    Qeye has just created the solution for you.
    Qeye is a new start-up specializing in the production of Smart Quality Inspection Systems based on Machine Vision Technology that replace the human eye inspections.

    It is currently focused on the Textile industry but aims to expand its system through other industries such as Print, packaging, and plastic.

    This will guarantee all customers the best quality products, and simplify the inspection process for the companies.

    This project was the Founder's initial Thesis project of graduation, only to become his first creation with the help of his thesis professor.

    The target audience are textile companies that aim to deliver high quality based products to customers. The founder aims to expand within other types of material industries later on.

    QEYE is the first company to come up with a system that will provide both the sellers and buyers with a more pleasant and guaranteed experience in buying products, while increasing the supply and demand of the concerned industries.


    Integreight, is a startup that develops novel products for the electronic hobbyist and education market.

    Namely their main product 1Sheeld which is its main viral production of the year.

    1Sheeld turns your Smartphone into a re-configurable Arduino shield. Basically, 1Sheeld consists of two parts.

    The first part is a shield that is physically connected to your Arduino board and acts as a wireless middle-man, allowing data penetration between Arduino and any Android smartphone via Bluetooth.

    The second part is an app that manages the communication between the shield and the smartphone leaving you to choose between different available shields.

    Launched in mid-2012 by eight founders who were classmates at Egypt’s Helwan University (hence the name, which combines "integrate" with "eight"), Integreight team succeeded in the Arabia Pavilion at the TechCrunch Disrupt 2013 conference, held in Berlin. During the conference, 1Sheeld won the audience choice award, giving it the opportunity to participate in the “Battlefield” contest.

    The company then competed with global startups to win the €40,000 prize, the Disrupt Cup, and the title of "Best Startup," and finally the infamous Kickstarter campaign that raised $85,210 USD; all of which helped the founders find the confidence go for the global market.


    Interact,Smart Educational System that enables transforming any flat surface into an interactive education.
    Taking E-learning to a new level, this device will enable all professors to have their lectures recorded and students will be able to follow up their lectures live and interact as if in class.

    Founders started this project as their graduation project in Communication Electronics Engineering from Helwan University in 2012.
    They won first place in the competition Made In Egypt and got seed funding from Injaz business plan competition.
    They are targeting the educational market as a whole, like schools, universities, and conference institutions, and any other facility that would need such smart education system to enhance their resources.

    The advantage of Interact is the priority touch technology and smart usage, the convenience provided for different branches in the educational market, and finally having the lowest price in the market.


    COLLNN , Smart Education System that integrates the needs of local Egyptians and provide them with an easy navigating website for studying.
    Enhancing their usage of today's technology and enlarging their traditional habits of studying.

    This is also where parents will be able to follow up on their children's' scholar activities whether educational or extra-curricular, including but not limited to their attendance, grades, and courses taken, etc.

    The Founder was initially a dentistry graduate and decided to reach out into creating a website system that is admissible with local Egyptians usages and understanding.
    He changed his career 9 years ago when he decided to travel abroad and study within the business field.
    With his return to Egypt he got inspired to create a solution to the growing number of limited sources schools in Egypt.

    The target audience are the lower mid social class schools with increasing limited sources in Egypt.
    There are approximately 4800 schools and 316 universities in Egypt, from which only 2% have smart education within their facilities.

    The Competitive advantage is that this web based network will make it easier for students to study with their colleagues even if not present in the same place, for the parents to have a certified follow up on their children's school progress, and for schools to enhance their education systems bringing them higher in ranking and enhancing the core of the Egyptian education system as a whole.

  • Cairo

    Bey2ollak is a cross platform mobile application allowing users to share real-time information about traffic in Cairo and Alexandria. Bey2ollak uses the power of crowd-sourcing, social interaction, localization and above all simplicity with the vision of providing Bey2ollak users with the ideal road companion app on their everyday journey!


    DAMLAG SAE is an Internet business company that builds web portals in multiple languages with a special focus on Arabic content.
    DAMLAG's first project was is the world's largest Arabic movie database, visited by over 3 million+ fans each month. is an open database that allows administrated user-generated content. offers a broad range of services including cinema showtimes, video interviews, cinema booking, TV Guide, news and many more ...



    BasharSoft is a technology firm specialized in developing innovative web-based online recruitment software solutions. BasharSoft is the only software solution provider in Egypt fully focused on Online Recruitment, Talent Management, and Workforce planning software systems.


    Optumatics provides engineering support in the areas of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Computational Mechanics (CM). The company works with customers to develop and optimize engineering and technical solutions and offers dedicated engineering skills that may be needed to extend their customers’ internal capability.


    ViViFi provides a touch sticker technology as a new human-object interface that is capable of transforming all non conductive surfaces with limited thickness (wood, glass, etc) into touch sensors or screens.
    Despite of its huge impact on all people’s lives, it is considered one of the simplest innovations amongst all sensing and screening technologies.
    Only by sticking transparent stickers placed on opposite side of operations interface, it invisibly turns nonconductive materials into touch surfaces that can interact with human contact.

    eMarketing Egypt

    eMarketing Egypt is one of the most growing internet marketing consulting companies in Egypt, and the first online competitive intelligence consulting for the internet businesses in the Middle East. eMarketing Egypt is supporting companies by providing a wide range of solutions and e-marketing consulting services including online advertising, research, strategic consulting for online businesses and other services.


    SilGenix is a semiconductor Intellectual Property (IP) company specializing in on-chip power management solutions for System-on-Chip (SoC) products. The company provides the customers with value-differentiated IP based on advanced research and integrated solutions to lower IP technical risk and accelerate time-to-market.


    Tagipedia develops mobile applications that utilize tags (NFC and QR codes). Tagipedia has an offering that allows users to easily create tags and customize the content that is seen once these tags are scanned. Tagipedia is also working on an indoor maps product that allows their customers to easily create maps for events, conferences, malls, museums ...etc.
    and have an engaging mobile experience with their visitors.


    AlKhawarizmy Software was initially established in January 2006, alKhawarizmy's core business is the development of software solutions that can cater for the overseas as well as the regional markets. Initially, our developments have fostered the most competitive Arabic Search Engine utilizing NLP (Natural Language Processing) as its backbone.


    Pulse is building innovative fully integrated medical solutions (Hardware, embedded systems, mobile apps, desktop apps, services, etc.)Vital signs supported till now include ECG ,SpO2, Blood Pressure, Blood sugar and Temperature. Other products are in the pipeline.


    SilMinds is an advanced digital IP hardware design house; whose focus is the development of core units and solutions for FPGA or SoC/ASIC implementation as accelerators and custom coprocessors.


    Vidatronic is a fabless semiconductor and systems company specializing in the design of energy-efficient power management solutions for embedded and stand-alone applications.


    IRWAA, LLC is a recently founded technology startup company based in Alexandria, Egypt. Being founded in 2010, IRWAA held from day one a vision to produce the software-of-choice in every niche.


    Ekshef is The fastest guide for doctors data in Egypt.


    SMA-TECH Company is an Egyptian company aims to serve industrial problems using Embedded Systems Technology.

  • Cairo
    عم أمين

    Amm Amin is a mobile application similar to an e- bookstore. Its main competitive advantage is that it includes the biggest books and publishers database. Amm Amin is targeting publishers, readers and authors. It offers a wide range of books, covering different categories such as: fiction, non-fiction, business, science, etc.

    Find On

    Find On is a cloud-based application serving as a business contact management system where users can manage all their contacts, use special tags to facilitate searching and categorization and maintain their business cards in one solid database. Find On also acts as a business search tool to find potential business partners, business suppliers and potential clients as well.
    In addition, Find On provides SMS service integrated that allows users to send SMS to their business card list or to any upload list. Furthermore, Find On provides email marketing service integrated from Amazon email server that allows sending individual and bulk emails and monitoring the email campaign results.

  • Cairo
    Cyber Talents

    Cyber Talents is an online ethical hacking, computer network and security challenge platform, dedicated to finding and educating cyber security talents. Cyber Talents helps universities, schools, governments and companies to discover and recruit talents in Cyber Security field through hackathons, competitions and online lab assessments.

  • Cairo
    Dileny Technologies

    Dileny Technologies (DilenyTech) offers independent and standardized solutions for diagnostic medical imaging modalities. DilenyTech provides medical imaging users including medical doctors and scientists with extra metrics to improve their diagnostic decisions, treatment planning, monitoring and screening, and consequently reduce patients' suffering.

  • Cairo
    ISK- Phone Key

    Phone key is a smart Key for all your locks which you never forget or lose. You can share it with any one any time anywhere and get notified with all actions that happen on your door. Their system consists of smart door lock which plug on the door.

  • Cairo

    Nozol is a platform for housing. It provides complete information and images about the listed properties that make it easier for people to buy, sell or rent their properties.
     The platform is designed to provide a real and realistic confirmed information.  Also the platform will provide advanced solutions for real estate companies and agents to manage their teams and activities including CRM solutions for sales and customer service.

  • Cairo

    Tyro is an online platform that connects people who want to learn with skilled individuals through live one-on-one online sessions.
    Their tutoring matching service is a hub where anyone can learn anything they need and instructors can teach anything.

  • Cairo

    I-Lantern I-Lantern team seeks to reach with their product to compete products of multinational companies, They have developed a new marine navigation lantern for Suez Canal Authority with a specified features that is in line with the nature of the canal;

    Some of the lantern features that added in our lanterns:
    - The data used in these lanterns are saved on a local server to be more secured.
    - lantern sends a periodic status SMS about it status to all numbers in its list ,Status SMS contain:
    a. Battery Voltage.
    b. Current that fill up the battery by Solar Cell.
    c. Get Position by GSP.
    - Send an alarm message to the server if the battery voltage has dropped to a certain threshold.
    - Send a status request to the lantern to retrieve the current status immediately.
    - Send a query request to the lantern to get a list of mobile numbers that the lantern deal with.
    - Add/Remove a mobile number from the list of used numbers to send a status message from the lantern.

  • Cairo

    Ta2heal is a special needs service that offers an affordable variety of products and services needed by children with Developmental disorders, parents, doctors, special needs centers and schools that serve special education.

    By combining internet application technologies and treatment methodologies for different types of special needs Ta2heal is developing a cultural based Arabic E-learning solution with Video Modeling that meet each disability needs.


    3Bont is a platform that gives you control over your football content, by providing you with access to the most reputable and freshest of news sources, videos, highlights and livescores. All in one single tailored timeline to fit your needs.

  • Assuit

    Osirix is software product will enable PET/CT centers to keep track of their patients’ progress according to the latest international guidance on assessment of tumor response to therapy. The idea is to create an add‐on to the famous medical image viewer (OsiriX).

    It extends its functionality for better analysis and follow-up of cancer patients. The product is essential too; primarily for PET/CT centers dealing with diagnosis and assessment of treatment response of target lesions for better Individualization of therapy approach. It utilizes the latest guidelines on assessment of tumor response to therapy.

  • Cairo

    PayMe allows businesses to accept credit card payments, without the hassle of long bank procedures, and hardware installation. Through providing the seller with a simple QR code, which allows buyers to pay through scanning the QR code with their phones, and fulfill the transaction within seconds.

  • Cairo

    Supply Chain Grid is an E-Supply Chain Solution Organization, combines technology innovation & Smart Supply chain design, with the added value of a front end sales & marketing capability – opening up & expanding opportunities through our Grid Web Portal “GWP”.

    Grid Web Portal connects the Global Logistics Network — the world's most extensive logistics network covering multiple transportation modes — with the modular’s of the industry. Allowing them to connect, book, transact, track instantly & with maximum security. Through customized & integrated web/mob applications; allows each enterprise independently & collaboratively to maximize operation efficiency & opportunities of cost savings. Supply Chain Grid Promotes Green Supply Chain, Helping to make the world a better place through smart logistics & reverse management. Grid solutions help to reduce fuel use, paper use, reducing carbon emissions, and maximize cargo utilization...

  • Cairo

    MUMM is the place where you can order online delicious home cooked meals in Egypt, prepared especially for you by moms, housewives and freelance chefs near you, with the best quality in mind.

    Mumm enables home based women with the right tools to create sustainable job opportunities for themselves from the convenience of their homes while insuring they are equipped with the right tools to deliver quality, healthy, safe and tasty food through utilizing ICT technologies.

  • Assiut

    El7akni (الحقني) is a website that informs parents of premature babies with the available incubators in private hospitals in Assiut governorate.
    Every year, there are around 12,000 babies in Assiut whom parents are suffering from the problem of finding appropriate incubator for them and sometimes it ends up by many of them dying.

    El7akni does not only try to solve the problem by providing parents with information regarding the available incubators at a certain time but also by allowing them to book the incubator online.

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Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.
Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.
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