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Innovation Support

Innovation Support programs for Academia and Industry:
Ideation Marathon

Ideation Marathon :

Ideation Marathon is the first of its kind in Egypt, where a group of creative thinking camps are held in different regions throughout Egypt to train young people on how to generate ideas and create innovative solutions to real societal challenges in Egypt and the world.

Egypt IoT league Logo

Egypt IoT league:

Egypt Internet of Things (IoT) League is a nationwide acceleration program for startups to be, that have innovative ideas in the area of Internet of Things (IoT) and related fields: Connected/Smart Solutions (Smart Home, Smart City, Smart Energy, Connected Cars, Wearables, Industry 4.0,…).
Egypt IoT League is co-organized by Intel Corporation and the Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) in partnership with other corporate, academic, and government partners/sponsors.

innovEgypt Logo


EgyptInnovate is the first online innovation hub for Egypt where innovators and entrepreneurs get inspired, educated and connected. It is provided in both Arabic and English Languages. EgyptInnovate aims at exposing Egypt’s innovators locally and globally, connecting nodes and building collaborative communities of Egypt’s innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. In addition it aims at educating innovators, startups, and businesses about technology and innovation management. In October, 10th 2015 TIEC launches the first phase of EgyptInnovate.

innovEgypt Logo

Mobile Application Launchpad (MAL):

Launched earlier in January 2015, the MAL Program aims to grow tech startups and high-value job opportunities in the country in the field of Mobile Applications. It also encourages creativity and entrepreneurship among Egyptian youth by equipping them with the necessary knowledge they need. The MAL Program is being led by the MCIT (through TIEC) and Google along with other international and local educational stakeholders over the period of two years to offer scholarships to 2000 young Egyptians to complete a comprehensive 3-month course in Android app development. In addition, the MAL program holds competitions with cash prizes worth over USD 200k to encourage tech enthusiasts to develop their own apps, market them and start their own businesses. At a later stage, successful participants will have the chance to meet potential employers for job opportunities. .

Innovation Support Programs for Academia :

“Innovation & Entrepreneurship” have become a key driver of equitable economic growth, and have immense potential as a generator of employment opportunities. Therefore, developing culture and skills of entrepreneurial thinking within the communities in which we live and work has become a focus for governments and societies worldwide. One of the main mandates of Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) is to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the ICT sector in Egypt. Among many strategic initiatives that have been developed to contribute to this promotion come the capacity building programs. Capacity building programs are directed to students to provide the necessary education and training in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship that the current education system lacks. Building on global studies’ recommendations to embed entrepreneurship education early at university stage, while expanding the government support for innovation and entrepreneurship, TIEC has taken the initiative to launch some ambitious programs with the aim of providing widespread education and training in the area of innovation, and entrepreneurship to university students in ICT specializations.

innovEgypt Logo

TIEC- Innovation Ambassador (TIEC-IA):

TIEC Innovation Ambassador (TIEC-IA) program is a new initiative developed by TIEC in the quest for fostering the culture of Innovation and Entrepreneurship among Egyptian youth. The program is a community of university students and graduates from all over Egypt who are passionate about ICT Innovation and Entrepreneurship, eager to share their experience with others, and care about helping other students to benefit from TIEC different innovation and entrepreneurship programs directed to potential future innovators and entrepreneurs.

innovEgypt Logo


InnovEgypt Program is an undergraduate unique program in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship directed to university students in ICT specializations who are aspiring to be future innovators and entrepreneurs, either through establishing their own innovative start-ups or through manifesting skills that are highly required by local and multinational companies.



As part of our role to build the capacity of school students and increase awareness of the concept of creativity through the application and training. And in order to broaden participation of the public schools’ students in the competition to support the development of technical and innovation skills. TIEC support (financially and technically) the participation of 28 public schools for the first time in First Lego League.

Ideation Camp Logo

Ideation Camp:

Egypt Ideation is the first of its kind in Egypt, where you will learn how to generate ideas and to create innovative solutions to some of the greatest problems in Egypt and the world! During the workshop you will learn how to become a great innovator and we will give you an important task to solve.

IbTIECar Logo


“TIEC Graduation Projects Competition” The competition is launched in cooperation with Multinationals and MCIT affiliated organizations, for technical universities' students in the graduation year, recognizing the best graduation projects in this year.

Innovation Support Programs for Industry :

Innovation has long been recognized as an important driver for economic growth. The Industry Innovation Support Programs serve mainly national ICT companies in collaboration with multinational companies and aims to create and empower a local innovation-based culture that’s capable of creating competitive innovative Egyptian products.

InnovEgypt Industry Logo

Innovation Industry 2.0 "Innovation for Digital Transformation"

Innovation Industry 2.0 is developed to create and empower innovation culture inside Egyptian small, and micro companies as well as to build their capabilities on how to generate and implement innovative ideas for better business future.

ICT Innovation Award Logo

EgyptInnovate ICT Award

EgyptInnovate ICT Award is TIEC Innovation Recognition program for companies. A total of 10,000,000 L.E. awards for the top 100 innovative local startup and micro companies as well as small and medium enterprises (SMEs) working in the ICT sector with a maximum number of 99 employees. Such innovations should go beyond marginal improvements in existing products and services, or business models, and have a real added value to their target customers, as well as have a social or economic impact.

Innovation Assessment Logo

Innovation Management Assessment

TIEC is glad to announce a new service for Innovation Management Assessment using European approach that was jointly developed by A.T. Kearney, Fraunhofer and the European Commission; that is “IMP3rove Assessment” approach which offers SMEs the possibility to evaluate their levels of innovation performance and benchmark themselves against the best in industry, size, age and region or against leading innovators across Europe, Middle East and other areas in the world.

Hayiy initiative Logo

Hayiy Competition:

Hayiy aspires to promote and encourage the SME sector as well as fresh graduates nationwide to develop Arabic-built web (Social Networks) and mobile applications, in order to enhance and boost the Arabic content online. The initiative also aims towards providing custom application and service development that targets specific groups, and deploys social networks districtwide, townwide, or citywide.

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Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.
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