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Innovation Recognition program for the students was launched by the Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) in 2012. TIEC aims to drive innovation and entrepreneurship in information and communications technology sector (ICT) for the benefit of national economy.

Consistent with our mission to make Egypt a regional hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, and in the quest for discovering talented people and innovative ideas, products, or services to be recognized and communicated to the community, Tiec is launching the third round of Ibtiecar “TIEC Graduation Projects Competition” for academic year 2013/2014. The competition is launched in cooperation with Multinationals and MCIT affiliated organizations, for university students in technical faculties in the graduation year, recognizing the best graduation projects in this year.


The purpose of this award is to:
  1. Discover the innovative young talents, and ideas, and link them to the industry.
  2. Encourage people to develop new solutions that are aligned with the trend technologies.
  3. Recognize innovation efforts, and hence fostering innovation culture in the coming generations.
  4. Support innovative ideas, development and commercialization.

Who Can Apply? (Target Group)

Students involved in graduation projects year 2014 in all technical faculties in any ICT specialization. This would include- but not limited to the following:

  1. Faculty of Engineering.
  2. Faculty of Computer science.
  3. Faculty of Science – CS.
  4. Faculty of commerce- Information systems.
  5. Technical Institutions

Potential Awards

The awards of the top winners in each track will be as follow:

Financial Award:

For the top 3 winning teams

  1. 1st prize: Comprising 10,000 L.E
  2. 2nd prize: Comprising 5,000 L.E
  3. 3rd prize: Comprising 3,000 L.E

The only exception is the prizes for ("Cloud Based Applications for Civic Engagement" sub-track) that will be awarded by android tablets for the winning teams’ members.

Business and Entrepreneurship Training:

A free three-month Entrepreneurship training program in TIEC business Accelerator will be offered to the winning teams according to their availability, and based on personal test, so the graduates would be able to write their business plan and learn how to pitch at front of investors.

Certificate of Acknowledgement:

To winning Projects’ supervisors, assistants, and each team member.


The winning projects’ abstracts, supervisors, assistants and working team with project contacts will be recorded in “Winners’ Booklet” that will be disseminated across the relevant Industries and Academic Institutions.

Judging Process

The judging process will be performed in three stages:
  1. Initial Screening: to extract the eligible applications.
  2. Phase 1: to select the top 5 in each track.
  3. Phase 2: the final phase, to select and rank the top three projects.

Evaluation Criteria

The top three winning teams in each track will be chosen as per the following criteria:
  1. Innovation (Novelty of application, algorithm, architecture).
  2. Customer Value.
  3. Market Segment ( low/medium/high).
  4. Impact ( Micro and Macro level).
  5. Project methodology .
  6. Quality Assurance.
  7. Usability .
  8. Documentation.
  9. Prototype.
  10. Commercial Potential .

Software Engineering Competency Center (SECC) will test the prototype as per the listed features. The score given will be part of the total evaluation. The prototype will be tested by certified testers from SECC.

How to Apply?

The typical application process will be in two phases

Phase1:Project Abstract

You have to fill in the online registration form (max by 29 June, 2014 )

Phase 2:Detailed Project Report

By mid of July 2013, and for those who are eligible to participate in the competition, you will get a confirmation for acceptance and you will be asked to submit the final report of the project. The deadline of this phase would be 3 August, 2014

  1. Detailed submission guidelines (IC Design Track )

  2. Detailed submission guidelines (Other Tracks)
A demo will be requested from the semi-finalists.

Sponsors / Partners

Tracks Information

  IC Design
Track information

IC Design track provides a forum for university students to develop and showcase innovative IC design solutions, including digital and analog circuit techniques, Innovative circuit design methodologies, Circuit modeling and EDA/CAD tools, targeting major improvements in energy efficiency, connectivity and user experience. The goal is to encourage and highlight original design-oriented solutions to the many challenges in these areas.

Track information

ICT for Utilities Management:

  1. Water & irrigation management
  2. Smart grids and management of electricity networks
  3. Gas distribution and control management

  Cloud Computing
Track information

“Cloud is a model for enabling convenient, on-demand network access to shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g. networks, servers, storage, applications) that can be rapidly provisioned & released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction.” EMC is interested in innovative projects around Cloud Computing including technologies around this field such as :-

    Cloud Management Information Virtualization Cloud Security Federation in Hybrid Cloud

  Mobile Applications

Track information
  1. Location based services
  2. Healthier personal life style
  3. Social games
  4. Personal security and Safety
  5. Smart and personalized content aggregation

  Embedded System
Main applications/special areas of interest
  1. Automotive Applications (e.g. ABS, ESP, …etc)
    Graduations projects targeting: simulation, hardware in the loop, complete implementation of an automotive application.
  2. AUTOSAR Application using open source stacks and tools
    Using Artop and/or Arccore to build/configure AUTOSAR Software Comonents (SWCs).
  3. Multi-core OS (e.g. AUTOSAR OS)
    Designing/implementing a multi-core OS. Verification with 2 or more CPU cores (symmetric or asymmetric).
  4. AUTOSAR Basic Software (BSW)
    Graduation projects targeting the implementation and/or validation and/or integration of one or more AUTOSAR BSW module.
    Graduation projects targeting infotainment systems build on top of GENIVI and using embedded Linux.

  Social Network

Track information

Contestants in this area are asked to compete in building social networking-based services and applications that will have a significant societal or economic value. Focus problems related to Egypt are encouraged. Application areas include but are not limited to the domains of education, social service, charity, agriculture, transportation, and consumer protection. Contestants can use one of the existing social network platforms for this purpose, including but not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Blackboard, and many others. Projects in the area of Social Network Analytics (SNA) are also encouraged( content-based analysis, and Linkage-based/ Structural analysis)

  IoT & Wearable Technologies & applications
Track information

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine communication describes how the Internet will get bigger as sensors and intelligence are connected to physical things like physical assets or consumer devices and these things are connected to the Internet. The vision and model have existed for years but there has been acceleration in the number and types of things that are being connected and in the technologies for collecting, processing, and sharing. It also explores some of the key applications for IoT & M2M Communication, including retail, transportation, energy & power, telecom & IT, Industrial & commercial buildings, and mobile location-based services.

While Wearables expand the borders of technology into anything that can be worn, implanted, or grown. So far, clothing, stickers, temporary tattoos, and accessories like watches, glasses, wristbands, and more are on the market or in development. Check out for inspiration and brainstorm. Your ideas could change the definition of wearables.

Also please visit for useful development tools.

  Open Source

Track information

This track focuses on developing Open Source product, component, or add-ons to other open source projects. It encourages candidate university students to actively participate in realizing value using an Open Source model, and to articulate themselves within the Open Source ecosystem. Applications that focus on local issues and localization are encouraged, but applicants may choose any domain they see appropriate.

  Emerging Technologies

Track information
Main applications/special areas of interest
  1. Semantic web
  2. Model-driven Development (MDD)
  3. Smart environments
  4. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

  Multimedia Understating
Track information
Main applications/special areas of interest
  1. Images, Videos and Speech
  2. Depth and Other Signal Forms

  Natural Languages Understanding
Track information
Main applications/special areas of interest
  1. Unstructured Text
  2. Social Text (including Graph Analysis)

Apply as a Judge

Make a difference... Only a few hours of your time will help to encourage innovative university students all around Egypt in their pursuit of excellence in engineering, technology and entrepreneurship. We will have the honor for you Joining TIEC jury database to serve as a volunteer judge in TIEC activities. Join a league of high caliber professionals who are supporting engineering education by volunteering your time and expertise.

We welcome you to Ibtiecar 2014, and thank you for your help.

Ibtiecar Objectives:
  1. Discover the innovative young talents, and ideas, and link them to the industry.
  2. Encourage people to develop new solutions that are aligned with the trend technologies.
  3. Recognize innovation efforts, and hence fostering innovation culture in the coming generations.
  4. Support innovative ideas commercialization.

Why should you consider volunteering as a Judge?
  1. Support engineering. The finalists are among the brightest and highly motivated aspiring young minds in Egypt and represent the next generation of leading engineers.
  2. Be involved with the excitement of students from all over Egypt presenting their graduation projects.
  3. Give back to your profession/discipline.
  4. If from an academic institution, earn community service or outreach credit towards promotion.
  5. A great deal of personal satisfaction and inspiration from these motivated future engineers.

Judging in Ibtiecar depends on the following:
  1. Creative Ability.
  2. Novelty and Innovation.
  3. Approach: Methodology and Design.
  4. Impact (micro, macro).
  5. Value.
  6. Quality & Clarity (oral discussion, written work and presentation).
  7. Practicality (economical and potential use).

To volunteer as a Judge in Ibtiecar 2014, you should:
  1. Hold a PhD or equivalent in relevant topics of Ibtiecar, or
  2. Hold a Master's degree or B.Sc. with professional experience of not less than ten years in topics related to Ibtiecar.

Judges may include university faculty, industrial scientists and engineers, representatives of governmental bodies, private and industry sector, members of the research centers and national centers and members of scientific societies

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Eng. Faten Salem
Innovation Support Department,

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Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.
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