Innovation Support

Aims to stimulate innovation among students as well as within Egyptian ICT firms. Capacity building programs as well as innovation recognition programs are provided for both academia and industry...


Offers a fully fledge incubation package to startups in the ICT sectors. Teams and startups can apply to TIEC's incubation at any time during the year...

Entrepreneurship & Business Support

Aims to Create an appropriate business environment. We do this through two initiatives; the Technology Entrepreneurship Accelerator (TEA) and the Startup Support program...           

Technology Management

Has undergone an extraordinary turning point to efficiently support the largest services delivery by launching the biggest hit in the region, Mobile, Electronics and Cloud computing technology tracks...

About TIEC
The Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) aims to drive innovation and entrepreneurship in ICT for the benefit of national economy. The center has been launched at Smart Village on Monday 27th of September 2010
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Success Stories
Congratulations QEYE
QEYE, One of the currently TIEC's incubated companies, won the first place in GASC 2014 that took place in Germany last week.
TIEC is about to organize the mobile hackathon "Hack4mobile” as a major activity in the 1st Africa and Middle East Conference on Software Engineering.
Job Vacancies
TIEC is inviting You to join its family and to play a role in its success story. Please check out our available job vacancies
Bootup Kickoff Event
BootUp is a program that coaches young developers on best practices of software engineering while realizing the ideas of aspiring entrepreneurs.
FabCat Service for Academia and Industry
Now, Aug-2014  Round is open,  to enable fabrication of Electronic Chips designed by Egyptian Small Enterprises and University Graduation Projects.  
Soft Landing Service
Take your business to new markets in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Latin America through our Soft Landing Service.
EDA On-Demand Questionnaire
Now, TIEC avails EDA tools for IC design companies.The proposed service model is to avail a pool of licenses for different needed EDA tools. In order to fulfill your needs, please  fill and sign this questionnaire by your company’s executives.
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The innovation is expected from everyone – not just R&D
In rejecting the limiting belief that innovation is R&D’s job alone, leaders of highly innovative companies work hard to instill “innovation is everyone’s job” as a guiding organizational mission
Jeff Dyer and Hal Gregersen
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