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Jan25 ICT Innovation Award 2011 - Winning Ceremony

Information technology is capable of pulling the national economy towered brighter tomorrow. For this, a strategic orientation was toward growing the value of competition among Egypt’s talents to discover creative young people working in small and medium enterprises to start a brick of technological innovation with such talents.

Dr. Ashraf Farghali Chief Executive Officer of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre (TIEC) has pointed the importance of these competitions, hence, in order to attract the community attention to technological innovation; TIEC announced "January 25th” award a year ago in order to foster research and development, among innovative thinking, as a new paradigm of business. Recently Dr. Mohammed Salem, Minister of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) has witnessed the ceremony of award winners of "January 25th” ICT innovation competition in 2011, organized by TIEC, an affiliate to MCIT. The efforts behind the undergo of such award was for a realization of a dream that one day every local IT company would have R&D department and a decent spend on producing innovative products and services.

The award emphasized innovative technologies out of top four companies among hundreds of applicants :

Si-Ware Systems

Product Name : MEMS FTIR Spectrometer

Product Description :
The spectrometer is an optical sensing instrument that is used to measure the absorbed (or emitted) optical power over a certain spectral range (wavelength range). Each material has its own unique “spectral print” in terms of absorption or emission. It is used in the analysis and identification of materials and their chemical composition. It is usually a disctop instrument with heavy weight and high cost. Our MEMS solution enables to have it in portable form with very low cost. It allows using it in new domains like health monitoring, gaz sensing, and many emerging market applications. This is the first MEMS completely integrated and smallestspectrometer in the world. 5 patents has been issued to protect the ideas developed in the product.

Prize Value : 50 (K L.E Voucher Value)

Edge Technology

Product Name :Street Lighting Management System (Aumento-LCS)

Product Description :
It's a Web-Based Lighting Management System presented as one of the regional products for energy management for outdoor lighting devices. It uses state of the art electronics design, wireless technologies and web tools. It saves 15-35% of used energy. Green environment is also achieved by using it. The proposed system provides not only a wide range of energy saving features but also a sufficiently low cost solution. Aumento also provides constant monitoring and logging for all activities in the field, through a secure communication link, with a user-freindely interface that gives the user various types of reports and charts necessary for maintenance and management purposes. A local patent has been issued for this product.

Prize Value : 25 (K L.E Voucher Value)

The Engineering Company for the Development of Digital Systems (RDI)

Product Name : Speech Enabled Content

Product Description :
"Speech enabled content" is proposed as a value-added service for web portals, for Mobile & Special needs Applications. It is a value added service to any portal that makes the content of this portal accessible by voice through PC's and mobiles with any operating system, this service will be useful for both normal and special needs people. The company published many scientific papers about their product technology.

Prize Value : 15 (K L.E Voucher Value)


Product Name : Social Media Radar (SM Radar)

Product Description :
Social Media Radar is the service of scanning and analysing of data from all social media channels to monitor, measure and track all online conversations around any subject (your brand, products, services or key people). The serivce scans and monitors millions of conversations on hundreds of social media networks all over the world using world-class technology to capture content that is relevant to any search. This would allow companies pretect their brand reputation, better understand consumers opinions, imporve customer satisfaction, know competitiors and consumers perceptions, engage more effectivly in PR, and increase sales based on more accurate customer feedback. The company is in a process to register a patent.

Prize Value : 15 (K L.E Voucher Value)

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