InnovEgypt program


13 January 2021

InnovEgypt Online is a special version of InnovEgypt that is designed to inspire students and graduates to be entrepreneurs and provide them with the main knowledge in addition to the most popular and creative tools required to achieve that. In response to the global new challenge of the current pandemic, the course is designed to follow the new blended learning approach through a unique combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning experiences. The new course design ensures the maximum benefit at higher convenience to all participants, removing all location and distance barriers that existed before. The total time of the course is 30 hours of which 16 hours delivered real-time over 4 days of interactive real-time workshops.

InnovEgypt Online Program is a training program in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship directed to university students and graduates in ICT specializations who are aspiring to be future innovators and entrepreneurs, either through establishing their own innovative start-ups or through manifesting skills that are highly required by local and multinational companies.

InnovEgypt Online is a program that consists of 3 main modules:

1. Innovation and Technology Management: provides a clear understanding of innovation, why innovation is important, innovation types, and sources. Focus is given to technology innovation and technology trends, and how modern technologies were deployed to create innovative ideas.
2. Design thinking: the core of the program and the base on which the whole journey is built. It provides an understanding of design thinking as a human‐centered approach to innovation, and as a powerful process to creative problem solving, that can be applied to any industry to create solutions. When design-thinking approaches are applied to business, the success rate for innovation improves substantially.
3. Entrepreneurship: in addition to inspiring participants to become successful entrepreneurs. It gives a clear understanding of entrepreneurship's main concepts and provides training on the essential strategic planning tools required by potential entrepreneurs to define and communicate their business ideas using business model ontology. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

For more details about Innovegypt online and how to apply, you can visit the program page

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