Heya Raeda Pitch Day @ Mansoura

Start Date : 15/10/2019 09:00 AMzOctEnd Date : 15/10/2019 04:00 PMzOct
Location : Mansoura University " See on Map " Category : Programs

Heya Raeda pitch day is the conclusion of five days entrepreneurship training, women entrepreneurs are pitching their businesses.

The pitch day is a day to celebrate the graduation of the Heya raeda and to hear the final pitches of the camp entrepreneurs.

(هي_رائدة) is a program to support early stage women entrepreneurs operating in the Communication and Information Technology sector. The primary target audience of this program Women entrepreneurs whose product is technology or the entrepreneurs who use technology as an assistive factor to commercialize their products. The target of the program is to reach out women entrepreneurs that have a skill set that would allow them to start their own projects of startups.

for more information about هي رائدة,visit the program page