Cloud Computing and Cloud Native Applications

Start Date : 21/4/2019 12:00 AMzAprEnd Date : 21/4/2019 12:00 AMzApr
Location : TIEC Premises " See on Map " Category : Workshop

​​​​ Egypt Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center, the United Nations Development Programme, and IBM Egypt would like to invite you to the TechNovation Talk @ UNTIL Egypt on the topic of Cloud Computing and Cloud Native Applications.

​​ What is Cloud Computing and Cloud Native Applications? This presentation will introduce how these technological trends are impacting our daily lives, industries, and economies. The presenters will explain their underlying technologies as well as their practical use.

Cloud computing is the availability of massive compute power, database storage, software, and other information technology resources via the internet and for hire by individuals and organizations. This exciting talk will provide a practical introduction for participants with little or no computing background.

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