Three Public Incubators That Help Egyptian Entrepreneurs Kick-Start Their Businesses

21 July 2019


Egypt has had a thriving entrepreneurship scene for almost 10 years that has now been receiving several governmental support from entities like who are working to aid incubators as well as rising and existing entrepreneurs on reaching their maximum potential by providing funding opportunities and mentorship.

TIEC – Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center
Launched in 2010, TIEC is a government entity that incubates information and communication technology (ICT) startups as part of the governmental plan to develop Egypt’s ICT sector.
While providing office space, mentoring sessions and investment opportunities, TIEC welcome startups from across Egypt including Upper Egypt and Nile Delta.
It is located in Cairo’s Smart Village and was home for the likes of Ta2heal and Bey2ollak. Funding can go up to EGP 120,000 without having to worry about sharing or giving equity. TIEC’s incubation period is one year.

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