14 SHE-PRENEURS Pitching at TIEC'S 'HEYA RAEDA' Program

21 May 2018
According to Dubai-based data startup Magnitt, only 12 percent of the region's top startups are founded by women. If entrepreneurship is the new road to empower the Arab world's youth to effect change in their own terms, what does that mean for the solutions these pioneers are creating? 

Setting off to reshape that landscape, Egypt's Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) launched a pilot phase of their programme 'Heya Ra2eda' (she is an entrepreneur) to empower women entrepreneurs that have businesses in, or powered by, Information and Communication Technologies. The programme reaches out women entrepreneurs that have a skill set that would allow them to start their own projects or startups, focusing more on developing the logic of business development rather than a detailed theoretic approach.

The main target is to induce the basic business development functions as a secondary practical skill set allowing them to efficiently run a successful operation, eliminating a lot of waste on resources and opportunities. The programme is powered by the world-renown curricula of ILO's Start & Improve Your Business, Facebook's #SheMeansBusiness, as well as other local partners, and hosted two Cairo-based migrant entrepreneurs, who had won a pitching competition held by Startups Without Borders.
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