Egyptian Entrepreneur Abdulrahman Starts a New Marketplace For Gamers

22 October 2020

Abdulrahman A, the young entrepreneur of 27 years, has recently launched the new marketplace for gamers, Gamesbandy.

Located in Mansoura, Egypt, Abdulrahman A was a vital team member of Enkaaz, Roadside assistance app. He guided and led the marketing efforts of the company. He was also associated with The Nickel Ride, Evolution Business, and several other marketing startups and agencies before this.

He also happened to be the alumni of two top incubators in Egypt. His stint with MINT incubator and Technology, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) gave him enough exposure in widespread activities including incubating, managing, marketing, and some parts of financing of startups. This helped him to play pivotal roles to transform ideas into reality for taking the startups to their best.

Being an entrepreneur and branding specialist, he serves as a real estate investor and business consultant. He also served as the owner of The Brand Castle, search engine optimization (SEO), web design & development specialist.

But the global corona-virus pandemic brought everything to a halt. His marketing agency was also affected by the COVID-19 responses and he had to close that just after starting. Like all others, he was also stranded at home because of the imposed lockdown. This gave him ample opportunities to play games and he earned a couple of thousand dollars in a few weeks.

This gave a nice cue to his creative mind. He quickly decided to turn the pastime into a passion and started the business of trading gaming accounts, in-game items, and providing gaming-related services. The result was the formation of Gamesbandy to creating something more scalable than earning profits only.

Gaming is no longer a pastime. It has turned into a vast industry now. Other than being a form of entertainment, gaming has other benefits as well. It helps to enhance memory, increase the speed of the brain, and makes one more focused. Moreover, it is a great way to learn multi-tasking and problem-solving techniques. It is also a fun way to stay active and when played in groups it improves social skills. This immersive entertainment also promotes deeper thinking about the topics and the environment.

Gaming has spread in different regions across the planet and has great business potential. It was reported that there were 70 million gamers in the MENA region, which includes the Middle East and North Africa, in the last year. They spent 4 Billion Dollars and around 25 million dollars were spent on games trading. It makes the region much fertile for the gaming industry.

“It’s unbelievable! While most of the people are getting bored because of the monotonous quarantine period, I came out of it with a growing business. It still seems like a dream to me,” stated Abdulrahman A, the founder of Gamesbandy. “Starting a gaming marketplace is almost like starting a new game. Since June, this year almost 400 orders were completed. These are valued at $15,000 and no marketing and operational expenses were involved,” he further added.

Sara Ibrahim is the co-founder and backend developer of Gamesbandy. “You need to find the best for ultimate enjoyment. Our gaming platform is dedicated to delivering you that. It is quite stable and not an MVP as generally offered. While it can handle several hundred transactions every day, we are still developing the platform for ensuring the best customer experience,” stated the person behind the awesome gaming platform, when asked about their performance.

Gamesbandy gaming platform has solved several critical problems of the gaming industry. Scattered among the large player, social media channels, and single-vendor websites, the industry was passing through marketing problems.

There was no dearth of good gaming items but the sellers were unable to sell those. Lack of trust among the buyers and sellers were another burning issue. The buyers were in no mood to pay before they receive the goods, and the sellers were also reluctant to deliver without payments.

Now buyers can identify items on the Gamesbandy website and make payments. These are held by the platform. Next, the suppliers deliver the items. Payments are cleared upon receiving confirmation from the buyer, after deducting a small commission. This makes trading easy and secure.

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