The Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) of the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) aims to eliminate the funding gap in the entrepreneurial ecosystem through the formation of public-private partnerships, where TIEC participates as an investor in one or more venture capital funds, These funds are privately managed to provide return rate from the successful outcomes of investments. This achieves a dual objective. On one hand, the government's economic objective is achieved by stimulating the growth rate of innovative, high-tech, and advanced-knowledge companies. And on the other hand, a satisfactory return is provided for private investors.
Accordingly, this VC funding program is launched to finance venture capital funds, where the following gives the details of the requirements and procedures required to be met by these funds to benefit from TIEC financing.

Basic Requirements:

  • The General Partner (GP) of the target VC Fund is registered as an Egyptian company capable of establishing VC funds.
  • The VC Fund is established in accordance with the provisions of the Egyptian laws.
  • The Fund investments are directed to Egyptian ICT or ICT-enabled companies in the seed and growth stages.
  • The Fund size is not less than 150 (one hundred and fifty) million pounds.
  • The private financing percentage in the Fund is not less than 80%.


  • Submission is done using the application form availed in what follows.
  • The application form is completed, signed, and stamped.
  • Copies of GP’s recent documents are submitted. These include the commercial register, the tax card, and the financial statements for the last two years approved by EFSA auditors. If the GP is a newly-established Egyptian company affiliated to a foreign company, then the financial statements of the foreign company are submitted. In case a newly-established Egyptian company is not affiliated to any foreign company, the management team submits financial statements for their former funds.
  • Copies are provided for the Fund Prospectus and investment commitments.


  • Evaluation is point-based as per the following table and applicants with score less than 70 points are not accepted.
  • Applicants are sorted in descending order where the funds with best scores are targeted in light of the available program budget, taking into account that the fund's public capital does not exceed 20%.

Application Template : Click Here ​​