Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, TIEC

The government is taking enormous strides towards developing the ICT industry. Egypt paid respect to the high impact of ICT on the national economy since the 1980’s. In this connection, Information Decision Support Center (IDSC), Information Technology Institute and Internet Society of Egypt were the keystones. By the nineties, a dedicated Ministry for Communications and Information Technology came into force. The third millennium heralded a masterplan that integrated ICT as a core component of development. Since 2010, our domestic ICT industry became innovation-oriented.

The Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center was inaugurated in Smart Village on September 27, 2010. TIEC aims to drive innovation and entrepreneurship in the local industry to ensure ICT benefits to both people and businesses. The Center strives to contribute heavily to the national economy.

Innovation recognition: the Center is branding, publicizing, and celebrating entrepreneurship.

Supporting businesses: TIEC bolsters R&D in the local ICT industry, observes iClusters, funds startups, and promotes Egypt as offshoring destination.

TIEC Vision

“Empower Egypt to be at the helm of innovation and entrepreneurship in the region and a top-class ICT destination”

TIEC Mission

“Stimulate a knowledge-based society by developing strategies, providing facilities, and optimizing promotions of innovation and entrepreneurship. Provide an intellectual property framework to foster ICT innovation and growth in the local economy.”

TIEC Objectives

  • Serve as a catalyst among the government, private sector, and academia
  • Mobilize the different components of the innovation ecosystem
  • Define, manage, and coordinate the various programs and initiatives derived from the innovation and entrepreneurship strategy with different stakeholders
  • Focus on generating revenue from commercialization of innovations and IP licensing
  • Brand Egypt as a global competitor in high value-added innovation

TIEC Core Values

Our Core Values are based on We are Innovation Drivers

We inspire, innovate, impact to make a new culture of business using technology and leading our community forward . We will guide people to be Innovative Entrepreneurs.

Integrity : We are honest, responsible , demonstrate trust in our stakeholders.

Commitment : We are committed to develop our community making it innovative and owning sense of entrepreneurship.

Efficiency : We are efficient in everything we do.

Quality : We seek to provide best practices ; the quality of our services & initiatives to surpass our stakeholders expectations.

Empowerment : We empower our employees as they are the owners; they work passionately ,are involved to contribute in achieving our objectives.

Team Spirit: We are one team working together decently, respect one another, share our knowledge ,experiences and social life.