Eight Student’s Research Projects Join TIEC’s Entrepreneurship Accelerator

15 November 2016

​​The Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) has announced that eight research projects and innovative prototypes for students and graduates of the Faculty of Engineering at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AAST), have joined the Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program (TEA) program, which TIEC provides at AAST, Alexandria. Last May, AAST and ITIDA signed a cooperation agreement making the latter eligible to act as a scientific consultant in the field of developing human resource and supporting innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Academy has nominated a set of graduation projects and a number of prototypes of innovative products and technological solutions. Among the projects presented before the jury was one of designing electronic curtains that generates electricity via solar energy. This is in addition to the project of charging mobile phones through solar-energy powered booth, and the three-dimensional printer that prints three-dimensional objects through a CAD program drawing. There was also a project of equipping wheelchairs for people with disabilities by solar energy.

Moreover, the innovative ideas comprised a project for designing an automatic submarine that can be remotely controlled to carry out dangerous tasks. This is in addition to a roaming robot system that discovers and tracks dangerous places through smart mobile networks. There was also a project for designing electronic units for medical distress and e-storage, remotely controlled through smart phones applications. The robot project was also presented which works on recognizing voices and faces, and talks through the threedimensional printing technology.

The owners of those projects and ideas will get a 16-week training, through the Accelerator program, in the areas of entrepreneurship, developing organizational structures, conducting market research, preparing business plans and providing and managing financial and marketing resources. The training will assist them to convert their research projects and innovative ideas into real successful commercial projects.