InnovEgypt Kicks Off in 4 Governorates

26 January 2020

The Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) is organizing InnovEgypt program in 4 different governorates including Cairo, Alexandria, Sohag, and Al-Sharkia on January 26-30.

The program aims to build the capacities of university students and train them on technological innovation and entrepreneurship fundamentals, using methodologies and tools to develop innovative ideas and solutions to real-world challenges and problems, and how to apply these ideas, commercially, and use it as a start to establish a successful startup.

The program comprises three main modules: The Innovation and Technology Management module, where students are introduced to innovation and technology management basics and concepts; the Ideation module, where students learn to come up with innovative ideas and solutions to real-world problems; and the Entrepreneurship module, covering the basic tools and skills that entrepreneurs need to establish startups.

The program targets university students across the country with relevant ICT majors, who successfully completed the second year at the Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Computers and Information, Faculty of Science – Computers Department, Faculty of Commerce – Information Systems Department, or engineering institutes.