‘THE NEXT SOCIETY Technology Transfer’ Workshop

11 October 2018
​“THE NEXT SOCIETY Technology Transfer” workshop is organized by the Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) and the General Authority for Investment (GAFI), on October 11, at TIEC premises in Cairo, in partnership with ANIMA Investment Network and the Euro-Mediterranean Forum of Institutes of Economic Sciences (FEMISE).

The workshop discusses the implementation of THE NEXT SOCIETY Technology Transfer booster track in Egypt. THE NEXT SOCIETY is an initiative co-financed by the European Commission that aims at mobilizing, promoting and reinforcing innovation ecosystems and economic development in the MENA region. 

TIEC and GAFI are the implementing partners in Egypt, along with 26 other organizations operating in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon and Europe, and with ANIMA Investment Network which is the coordinator. Implemented until December 2020, THE NEXT SOCIETY intends to improve policy frameworks, foster start-up successes, promote clusters, and accelerate technology transfer.