The program entails 12 hands-on workshops & 6 mentorship sessions. The workshops and sessions are delivered within a timeline of 12 Weeks.
The program is designed to help you deliver your (1) Business Plan (2) Pitch to investors (3) Business Milestones (4) Technology Development Milestones
The program is free of charge. The entrepreneurs do not pay for any training or mentorship expenses.
The Program is offered to: Early Stage Entrepreneurs that have ideas or prototypes in the field of Information & Communication Technologies (Website, Mobile Application, Software, IoT ...) or enabled by them and would like to turn that into a startup.
The registration ends on Saturday, the 28th of July 2018.
The training starts in August 2018.
TIEC might call you for a (phone interview) or (face-to-face interview) as part of the application process.

Before you apply, your startup has to have to the following:

You should be a team of entrepreneurs (not individual applicants)
Egyptian Nationality (At least one of the applicants should be Egyptian)
Technology Competency (the team should have the capability to develop the technology they claim to use as a basis for their startup)

Terms & Conditions:

Upon acceptance you will be sent a confirmation email containing the schedule and detailed program outline.
Upon acceptance, your startup commits to attending (at least one entrepreneur from each team) all the workshops & mentorship sessions that are required for the completion of this program.
Upon acceptance, your startup commits to delivering the business & technology development milestones required as indicated per the program schedule that will be sent.
If your startup fails to comply with any of the above terms, you will be requested to payback the training costs & expenses.